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TLK AnL page 6: Into the Mist by starrynightsoul TLK AnL page 6: Into the Mist by starrynightsoul
Next day. Shani and Chaka ran out of the cave, leaving Simba talking to Kovu and Rafiki.
"Simba, we have got an issue here" Rafiki sighed.
"What is it?" He looked at his old friend.
"The male cub, Chaka, he looks too much like your lost son.."
"L-let's not talk about that again. I already said, Chaka will suffer NO accident alike Kopa's."
"Fine, as you wish." Rafiki bowed, apologizing.
For irony, Chaka's destination was the Elephant Graveyard.
"Come on, sister!" Chaka yelled, getting into some mist.
"Wait, are you sure we should be here? the mist disturbs me.." She teased remembering all the dangers that could be hiding around, but soon ran up to her brother, giggling with her own trick.
"Are you a lion or a hyena, sis?" Chaka teased.
"...It would be better if she were an hyena." The answer didn't come from Shani.
A pack of hyenas were surrounding them before their eyes.
"W-what do you want?" Shani asked.
"Hmm... See me a lion sandwich so I can eat in the way home." Shenzi teased.
"Hehehehe... Wait, Shenzi. It will not be so good if we take home. they will be poor and rotten. We better eat 'em here." He licked his tongue.
"Hey, didn't your mother teach you not to play with food?" Nama jumped between the cubs and Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.
"S-Sis!" Shani and Chaka yelled in unisound.
"You all better get out of here!" Nama snarled directly at Shenzi. "My father's pride is coming."
"We better hear her, Shenzi." Banzai cowered.
"Fine. Come on, Ed." Shenzi ordered as the three headed away, followed by the pack.
As soon as the hyenas left, Kovu, Simba, Kiara and Nala were running by, together with the pride.
"How did you find us, sister?" Chaka looked at her.
"I can smell, you know. The stink from those dogs can be catched from far away in scent."
"Oh..." Shani sighed.
"Let's go home. Dad is here." Nama frowned at her irresponsible siblings.
"What happened, Nama?" Kovu stared her older daughter.
"They were walking around this area, father."
"...Let's go, everyone." Kovu sighed, now thinking about Rafiki's words.
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AAnd the plot starts to thicken... :iconohhcatplz: sorry for the delay with this one. It took me more time to make the mist.
base by :iconnamacub95:
TLK characters and elements (c) Disney.
Shani and Chaka's designs (c) me
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